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March 19, 2010

No One Will Return A Phone Call From WWLP 22 News In Springfield

WWLP 22 News in Springfield MA recently broadcast a segment on an alleged plague of drug use in Northampton, attempting to manufacture a sensation, as the newsprogram is known to do. It started with an inquiry: "Are drugs plaguing Northampton teens?" But unfortunately for WWLP, no one would entertain their requests for comment:
"We tried to contact the Mayor, the police, and multiple other substance abuse programs in Northampton to find out the scope of this problem, but no one returned our calls."
It must be heard to fully appreciate how sad it sounds; watch it here.

It never reads well when someone comes across as obnoxious or unduly gleeful, and that is not intended here, but the newscasters of WWLP 22 News in Springfield might want to consider another news organization to work for; a media outlet, for instance, that people respect enough to return your calls. When a nightly newscast on a broadcast television network fail to get even the police to return a phone call about drug use, you know you're not doing it right.

The Northampton Police would return a right wing bloggers phone call quicker. Talk about a reversal of fortunes.