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February 19, 2009

Just because you read it in the advocate doesn't mean it's true

"terri anderson said (i quote) 'just because you read it in the advocate doesn't mean it's true'"

haha! just because you hear it from a city official doesn't mean it's true either."

via an email this morning, quoting Teri Anderson when she was on the latest Eggs and Issues, Re: any number of recent Valley Advocate articles, on the BID.

To all of you in Northampton fighting the good fight, thanks. You're doing a fantastic job. Keep those flashlights bright. If you ever get frustrated or down, or find yourself questioning yourself, ( I know I did) just remember that we all have different roles to play to here. Higgins' role for instance is different than Caty Simon's as an example. Joel Saxe's role is different than Mike Kirby's. Dwights role is different than Dan Crowley's. But we're all trying to get to the same place, we are just in different lanes running there. Higgins is in her lane. Teri Anderson is in her lane. Caty Simon is in her lane. You're in your lane. Obama has his path. Cornel West has his. We are all running the same race. Just stay in your lane. And cross that finish line first.