"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

February 12, 2009

Flashlights and explosions

The other day I had a dream about Northampton, and pretty much everyone was in it. The dream included Judith Fine being hit by light explosion thrown at her by the Truth Fairy, which made Judith wither away and then you could only see the toes of her feet curled up like that witch in the Wizard of Oz. I know that seems pretty rude, but it was just a dream, and it made sense at the time as dreams can do when you're having them.

Eric Suher was in the dream too—this dream that played like a suspenseful drama movie—with bad guys and good guys, and Eric played a ground breaking role as an agent of truth.

One of the main characters included a heavenly-like Truth Fairy who was equipped with a powerful flashlight and light explosions. She flew around shining her flashlight or dropping light bombs on and at whomever tried to keep the truth hidden by darkness. A women with wings dressed in sheer white, who held me in her arms and flew me over a City Council meeting in the sky above, where I could watch and hear what was going on, even though there is a roof on the building. Because you know, in dreams, that's how things go, they only make sense in your dream.

It was a nail biter of a dream, with people like Dan Yacuzzo playing the role of a good guy, only you came to find out in plot twist later on that he was really playing for the bad guys. Dan and Judith and Teri Anderson and many others were always trying to shut the lights off, but the Truth Fairy would shine her flashlight so that everyone could see the truth again. But then someone would shut the lights off again, and the Truth Fairy would have to shine her flashlight. Again. This part of the plot kind of dragged on, cause it went on and on like this.

Then the Daily Hampshire Gazette hatched a plan with the Chamber and people like Pat Goggins, and convinced the city to build a light box for all of Northampton, even the lights in the sky, and house it in the Gazette. Late at night the bad guys at the Gazette sneaked around to the box, and hit the switch. All the lights went out in Northampton. It was pitch black. They cackled and went to Packards to celebrate with beer and nachos. But you know who came flying around...

Not only did the Truth Fairy shine her flash light, but she had a team of people handing them out to the citizenry of Northampton. Soon everyone had a flashlight. The citizens of Northampton were equipped with flashlights, and used them. The truth could not be hidden anylonger. The Truth Fairy flew around to the Gazette and threw a light explosion at the building, and the Gazette crumbled into a pile of dirt.

Everyone was in this dream, Tommy Devine (nude from the waist down), Caty Simon, hipster college kids who are here in town "struggling" by creating art and living off their affluence. Mary Serezze was present throughout the dream, with her recording tools, and you knew very early on what team she played for, though she did not have many speaking roles. She was more just like an observer. But it was a strong role as a take no bullshit good guy, and no one really fucked with her, not even the bad guys boss, cause they knew were outmatched. I mean, she would walk around with a truth recording tool kit strapped around her waist—cameras, audio recorders, note pads, etc...and everyone knew that was all she wanted, the truth. And no one tried to stop her cause in this dream, everyone knew that if you had the Truth Fairy on your side, you were invincible. And everyone saw what happened to Judith earlier.

Claudio Guerra made a cameo, Joe Squires, my dad was an extra at one point, you could see him briefly sitting on the couch watching tv. Joel Saxe was in the Haymarker having a tea and smiling. The Truth Fairy flew over the Haymarket and they waved at eachother.

I saw John and Peter, and I winked at them. Only one winked back.

Mayor Higgins was in it as well, as were all the Council Members. Interestingly, in this dream the Council Members had very small roles, and were incidental to story. Dreams can be very accurate depictions of real life sometimes. Oddly, Bill Dwight was not in this dream, and that makes sense to me, because the dream was full drama, suspense, and betrayal, and that's not really his steez.

The best part of the dream was the end, where a character whose role was never made clear, (were they a bad guy? a good guy? You just didn't know!) but then at the end of the movie/dream, the Truth Fairy flew me around looked at me with sadness. I think she was sad because she knew I knew what was coming, and it was going to make me sad. She was sad for me. She dropped a light explosion on the person, and they too withered away. I felt a pang of sadness and anger but more sad than anything.

The Truth Fairy flew about 100 yards, and dropped me in Manhattan. I was like, "oh wow, Manhattan is so close, who knew?"

She flew away, and the credits rolled, and a song played. Soon i'd like to write the whole dream out.