"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

December 12, 2008

Tim St. John Used To Live Here

And he was one of my favorite people, even though he refused to treat me with due respect when I became a published writer and photog. Just as Lawyers and Doctors and Reverends are referred to in a formal manner, I requested my friends refer to me as Paolo Mastrangelo, The Artiste. Tim refused, maybe out of spite; We used to do a radio show together which led to me receiving the majority of fan mail, and that really bothered him, as he fancied himself the star. But Tim was and is a star in my mind, I guess it just wasn't the mass appeal star quality that I possess. Either way, he was my buddy. I havent heard from in sometime, and just received the following email from him that I thought to share.

I was searching the web for a place to sell a used radio and your page popped up in one of my searches. I must say that I watched a few of those videos and felt a twinge of envy and longing for city life. It's funny that you have a Northampton retrospect project. Someday people will say Northampton and someone will respond,
"Didn't Tim St. John live there for a while?"
"Yeah, I think he did."
"Cool, it must have been like Paris in the thirties."
"Hey wanna get something to eat."
It will probably digress to other topics from there but that moment will be mine. Ciao.