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July 22, 2008

Telling Secrets...Memorial Hall Edition.

In response to a query in this post, someone left a comment regarding the art that used to hang in Memorial Hall. Commenter

"There used to be a museum of sorts in Mem Hall. It closed at some point and, word has it, a cop with night patrol in the 60s and 70s quietly disposed of it, piece by piece."
Ive actually never heard that specific story, instead in my own comment to oschene, I noted that
"...ive heard similar stories, though ive heard that people who knew what was there, whether employees of the city or not, made off with pieces when they could, knowing that all you had to do was walk in and walk out without anyone being the wiser."
I should add that i was under the impression that the bulk of this activity happened in the 80's while Memorial Hall, then as now, was open to the public with no supervision.

Water under the bridge now though...unless of course those paintings are hanging in a residents living room somewhere.