"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

May 15, 2008

Dear Northampton...

Today I woke up, ate, and walked to school, it was very snowy and icy. I slept on the couch downstairs, cause sometimes I like to. I like seeing my dad leave for work in the morning, and watching his routine. He gets up real early, like at 5am. When my dad gets up for work, he comes downstairs to the living room and does some arm stretching and uses the mirror in the living room to look at his hair, grooming it into place with his hands. I pretend Im asleep but really Im watching him. I think hes real handsome, and I am really impressed with his hair grooming skills.

After eating oatmeal and bananas I left the house and walked up the street to school. South St School. Im in the first grade. Mr. Parent, my principal, is always around the corner, on School St., because his parents live there. He's prolly only 30 but he might as well be 55 for all I know. His parents hate that we ride our bikes thru their yard as a short cut to Clark St., but we do it everyday anyways cause its fun and the yard is a big hill.

I like school, but I like playing kicker way more. Id play all day if I could. Mr Parent always pitches, and he pitches good and fast so we can kick it far. Sometimes he spins the ball on purpose and it makes it harder to kick, but thats better cause you can get it right on the sweet spot. There is an older kid from the neighborhood who plays with us. Mark Duffy. He's not that old but hes like an adult to me. He's big and a teenager. We call him Homer cause everytime he kicks, he kicks a homerun over the fence and the ball rolls down the hill to Veterans Field below.

Veterans Field used to have a public pool at that time, in the back right corner. The city filled it in because it was an insurance liability, what with all the glass in it and unsupervised use of it. I just think they are stupid. I bet they would have filled in the fort we built in the woods too -if they knew about it- but we built it underground and covered it with wood and bushes so no one could find it.

I can see the school yard from my house, and only need to walk up the hill and behind a house to reach the kicker yard. My mom is standing on the street in the front of the house watching me and my brother walk up the hill. My brothers name is Anthony, but for years I called him Yogobi because I couldnt say Anthony.

It's really icy on the street. The hill is not that steep, but Im just a little kid, and ive got my snow suit on and heavy snow shoes on. The snow suit is dark blue and bulky. I keep slipping on the hill and falling a step back. I just cant get up this hill. I walk and then slip and fall down. I get up and do it again. I slip and fall back again. My brother is alternately laughing at me and trying to help me up the hill. Its been like ten minutes of this now. So whatever, like this sux, and I walk back home and tell my mom im just gonna stay home today. Besides, i dont like my teacher anyways. She gets mad at me for writing my name in script because the class hasnt learned that yet.