"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

May 14, 2008

Dear Northampton

Today I made arrangements that will allow me to sign any papers needed to rent a room in nyc. Hopefully I can do that very soon. Ive been looking for places to live, but keep coming up short. I think that it will happen very soon now though.

Ive been going thru boxes and boxes of old papers, mail, letters, receipts, cards, etc...

I found a letter my then ex-girlfriend sent me in July of '06. Ive found many many papers and photos and what not that are acting as a small window into what was happening at that time. What I was doing, who I was with, where I was, what I bought, who was with me when I bought it, people I knew and met, blah, blah.

It feels real weird. Ive been wanting to do this for a while, to move to ny. Im a bit nervous, because I lined my ducks up pretty well, so that I could move, and then stay. And now here we are. Going to become a resident of ny state, and to build a community in nyc.

I feel weird. f*ck me if I screw this up. I dont plan on that, but still...eeek!!

p.s. what if i will really miss you and want to come back? maybe just for a bit until i can go overseas, finally finishing such a circuitous journey?