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March 04, 2008

Three Downtown Restaurants, Three Reports Of Major Changes

  • Walking by 48 Main St. yesterday morning, previously Hayfields, and before that, The Vermont Country Deli, a closed sign was up during business hours, and the interior did not look to be ready for business. The imitable Tommy Devine has the scoop, (that's what they say in the papers, right?) on why there is a closed sign up at 48 Main St., the location on Main St. which has housed the perpetually opening and closings of a struggling deli. You can read Tommy's report here.
  • In addition the news that Tommy reports, the Gazette reported last night online that the Eastside Grill is being sold. (Link here, sub. req'd) Dan Crowley, the reporter who filed the report wrote,
    "Eastside Grill owners Daniel J. and Gail B. Yacuzzo are transferring their liquor license, including the stock in their business, to Debra L. Flynn, the former manager of The Colony Club in Springfield, according to an application before the License Commission.

    ...the stock is valued at $500,000, according to paperwork filed with the city. The proposed new owner of the property is DLF Realty, LLC. The application before the License Commission notes the property will transfer to the limited liability company concurrently with the transfer of $500,000 in stock to Flynn.
This report confirms a question that was bandied about on the Masslive/Northampton forums a week ago, when someone asked, "Anyone hear that the Yacuzzo's sold the restaurant?"
  • Lastly, chatter among those who chatter about these topics, and which has not yet made it's way to the Northampton forum at Masslive, concerns talk on Smokin' Lils BBQ, on Strong Avenue. Northamptonist has now heard from three different individuals that Smokin' Lils BBQ is looking for new space, if not closing all together in the very near future, finding it very difficult to survive under monthly payments for their space which are said to be $6,000. "yea shame tasty ribs" as someone remarked to me recently on Gchat.
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