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March 31, 2008

The Power Of The Blog?

Last night I put up the post below, and I noted how I have always wanted to work at WNYC in nyc. This morning in my site logs for the blog, I saw a visitor from WNYC.org who read that post.

Does someone there read this blog? Did someone here send the post to them? Was it total rando? I dont know. Whoever is at WNYC and reading this, I would really like you to know that I would be happy to work with you. what you do on the radio, particularly @ the Brian Lehrer show is something I enjoy immensely. Id be ecstatic to show up at your building every day and help you, work with you, take your trash out, go out on the street with a camera and recorder, etc...etc...

You could browse the blog here to see the work ive done here, just for fun in my free time. The CARP Project for instance, which you can access from the map to your left. I will def be doing that on a larger scale in the city. I co-hosted the Community Radio Hour on WXOJ-LP with Mary Serreze, here in Northampton for a stretch of time. I enjoy talking to people on the street with a camera and/or audio recorder. Some of those videos are here.

Feel free to call or write, (email is up there on the left under city hall)