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March 14, 2008

Northamptonist Comment Carnival

3233 comments on this post about the Gaz, some still trickling in as of yesterday.

35 comments here on Adam Cohen's response to Tom Vannah.

Is more to be said on those issues?


Open comment thread below, beginning, obviously, in the comments. Need a topic? How about the meals tax that the city will not be instituting for the next fiscal year, per non-approval from the state? The meals tax would have offset our budget deficit of almost 2 million dollars, a deficit which will hasten the worrisome situation that currently exists in many departments, such as the Health Department, where the workload was already more than could be dealt with effectively or safely, and where the Director declared he will be leaving because of. Two employees will follow him out the door, leaving only one left.

As Mayor Higgins recently pointed out, the meals tax would have been a "relatively painless" way of generating revenue. In addition to other fiscal constraints and consequence, having to do without the revenue generated by new taxes next fiscal year will likely mean the closure of an elementary school, with talk centering on the Bridge St School. (gaz article here, sub. req'd) Upon hearing the news at a meeting in Bridge St School, neighborhood resident Megan Zinn, whose two children attend Bridge St., said, "We bought a house in this neighborhood so that our kids could go to Bridge Street."

Parse the benefits of Megan's decision to our community (or the consequence of it not happening), in contrast to the consequence of a meals tax, and it seems that Mayor Higgins describing the meals tax as "relatively painless" was overstating it. Discuss.

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