"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

March 30, 2008


Hi Northampton.
I have not been online so much at all lately. As such, I have too many emails I have not read, and no interest in doing so. If anyone would like to contact me about anything, please dont hesitate to call at 413.586.2797. Thanks to you all who corresponded with me online about all things Northampton, as well as points east west north and south. You were very kind to me, and I appreciate it.

I went to NYC when I was 18 or 19, to visit my brother who lived there. I immediately fell in love, and have spent a large portion of my free time there ever since. I never opened up the coffee shop on Mulberry st that I wanted to. I never went to FIT as I wanted to. I never interned with Terry Richardson like I wanted to. I never interned at WNYC like I wanted to. But yet, in nyc that all remains, with now more friends, more relationships, more siblings, more opportunity there. I am now 32.

I really do like living here in Northampton, and enjoyed visiting nyc whenever I wanted. Though that is no longer the case. I do enjoy living in Northampton, but am no longer content to just visit nyc.

I must live there, go to school there, do radio there, go to community board meetings there, write there, have relationships there, drink coffee on the corner. I will eat breakfast there, I will go to city hall there, I will lay in the park there. I will wear pink pants there, ride my bike there, create street art there, have babies there.

I want to double kiss everyone I know, not because we live in ny, but because one kiss is never enough.

I must live there.

So I will now be crossing the i's and dotting the t's until Sept. 1st.
Northamptonist will now only be sporadically updated with regard to that process.

i.e., I will be selling much of what I own. My car, my Rolex, my furniture, baseball cards (stan musials rookie anyone?) electronics, etc...whatever has value that I can sell.

A list of things will be posted here shortly for anyone who might be interested. Everything sold via Northamptonist to anyone I have a relationship with will be sold for a fair price that both parties could be happy with.

I will be leaving sept 1st the latest. As well, though an apartment and job seem to be imminent by Sept 1st, I am not opposed to leaving earlier. If anyone has any leads on either, please call or write.

Will be getting a post up soon with items for sale.

::UPDATE:: Sale items here.