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March 03, 2008

Updated Map and Calls For The Community Audio Recording Project

For those who haven't yet been introduced to the Community Audio Recording Project, it is a street art meets community history project created by Northamptonist which allows anyone who calls this number: 413.320.4141, to record a two minute snippet of audio which then gets geo-tagged and added to an online map of Northampton, which anyone can listen to. You can read a quick introduction to the project here, or you could check out project below, and see who has called in where, and what they had to say. You can zoom in and out on the map below, and click on any marker to listen to the audio that has been included. Recent calls newly added include some kids freestyling, Kevin from Leeds noting the wildlife he sees more and more around his home, and a couple of other new calls.

The Community Audio Project had been hosted at Google Maps and Fileden, though as of now be hosted online at ZeeMaps, which is very similar to other social mapping services; however with ZeeMap you can upload audio (and video) to the map markers, which users can than listen to right there at the map when they click on a marker. This is something that makes the Community Audio Recording Project that much easier for viewers to use, as of now, the map and audio files will be hosted at ZeeMaps, all together in one place. For those who might not be able to see the new map which is embedded in this post above, you can click this link to view it online.


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