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March 07, 2008

Chronology Of Northampton

Poking around the City of Northampton's website with the search engine Northamptonist created to do so, I found a PDF form which lists the Chronology of Northampton, covering the years 1652 to 2001. A snippet is reprinted below, and you can view the full chronology in easy to use HTML form from Google's cache, here.

1652 Land purchased from the Indians by John Pynchon.
1654 Arrival of first settlers. Town planted and named Nonotuck.
1655 First Meeting-house built and name changed to Northampton.
1656 Witchcraft trial.
1658 First court held.
1659 First ferry across the Connecticut River.
1661 Cemetery located on Bridge Street.
1664 First school established.
1675-78 King Phillips War.
1676 Northampton attacked by Indians.

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