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February 02, 2008

Public Spaces For Public Uses

"The great thing about this is they just went ahead and did this. It wasn’t a lot of studies. It wasn’t a long plan. They just said, ‘Hey, let’s try it. Let’s experiment, see if it’s possible.’"

This is a great example of thoughtful and considerate representative democracy. Utilizing public spaces owned by the commons, and reconfiguring it with intent to allow utilization by the larger general public by eliminating as many barriers to use as possible, by default allowing a broader and more equitable use.

And that is important for me note, as often, politicians and municipal officials are fond of telling me, in response to a comment or complaint I have, that we live in a representative democracy. Ridiculously attempting to explain some unjust public policy, some unfortunate decision, by implying that if I don't like it, I could always vote for someone else, or work on getting a sympathetic individual elected. That is disingenuous on many fronts. The BPW for instance, a body with great power and influence over public space (with no fault or praise being implied in those efforts) is not an elected body. Nor anyone in the department for that matter. For even if they were, you shouldn't have to advocate for equitable, fair, and visionary leadership from municipal officials. Two of those three should be de rigeur.

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