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February 06, 2008

Polling Place Photo Project

Carol Edelstein votes at Smith Vocational School in yesterday's Primary. More info on this photo here.

"The Polling Place Photo Project is a nationwide experiment in citizen journalism that encourages voters to capture, post and share photographs of this year’s primaries, caucuses and general election. By documenting local voting experiences, participants can contribute to an archive of photographs that captures the richness and complexity of voting in America."

You can browse submissions by state, and I've included links below to photos that people have uploaded from our area. Though Kelsey Flynn has noted that she uploaded hers, they were not viewable on site at this time.

--Whately MA
--Ashfield MA
--Greenfield MA
--Williamsburg MA
--Amherst MA
--Amherst MA
--Chesterfield MA

The Polling Place Photo Project was established in 2006 as a national initiative of citizen journalism by William Drenttel and Design Observer. For the 2008 election cycle, the project is supported by The New York Times as a part of its political coverage.

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