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February 20, 2008

From Brooklyn To Northampton To Los Angeles, Follow The Yellow Chalked Road

The beautiful and enchanting music video above was shot in Los Angeles, and features Marie Digby singing her new song 'Paint Me In Your Sunshine' -along with an artist chalking shadows cast by the sun- for a new viral ad campaign for GAP. What does this have to do with Northampton? Not much at all, though Northamptonist does really enjoy the song, and astute readers of this blog will recall the handsome man chalking the shadows in Marie's video as none other than visual artist Ellis Gallagher, who was here in town on numerous occasions during the last year, creating his captivating chalk drawings in an around Main St., [video interview with Northamptonist here] among other unverified works that he may or may not have done.

You can see all five videos the Gap commissioned for this ad campaign, and download each song that went along with them, here.

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