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February 14, 2008

Not Building It, Privatising It, Need More Money For It Just In Case

From yesterday's A Look Back in the Daily Hampshire Gazette:
1998 - "The city Department of Public Works will add an environmental planner to its staff as part of a plan to avoid having to build a $13 million drinking water filtration plant. The city's assistant engineer, George Andrikidis, says the new position of senior environmental planner could be filled this month, possibly by another city employee."

From the Gaz:
2006 - "David Reckhow, vice chairman of Northampton's Board of Public Works, adds that water contracts between municipalities and private firms, if drawn up carefully, will protect town employees and municipal jurisdiction, keep rate increases reasonable, and establish clear parameters for a company's performance. No one in Northampton's water department, he notes, has experience running a filtration plant. 'We either have to get the staff and expertise ourselves or hire someone else to run it.'"

From the Republican last week:
2008 - "In what was described as a 'housekeeping' measure, the City Council voted on Thursday to authorize an additional $250,000 of borrowing for the city's new water filtration plant at the Mountain Street Reservoir.The votes brought to $28.25 million the amount of money the city may borrow for the facility, which went on line last month... Department of Public Works Director Edward S. Huntley told the council, 'It's a housekeeping procedure,' Huntley said. 'I don't think we'll need it.'"

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