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February 15, 2008

And Now, In Other News...

--Great video; Andrew Bombard of Northampton explains the mysteries of ice fishing, at Oxbow Marina. (MassLive)
--Northampton Redoubt wonders about Term Limits In Northampton.
--Kelsey Flynn and a motley ban of commentators discuss Hunan Gourmet closing. Northamptonist wonders if the initial coverage by the Gazette on this incident was predicated on racism, mischievous intent, or a little of both?
--Vannah and Collins raise questions about the news coverage of this issue; "This was the take-out punch" [mp3 here]
--Downstreet.net is back, with thoughts on the Academy of Music and the Pleasant St. Theater.
--Community Radio Hour discuss the Northampton State Hospital with Jack Hornor and Mark Roessler.
--As it seeks to upgrade its liquor license, Look Park's Garden House runs afoul of state liquor laws. (Valley Advocate)
--The Gazette covers Look Park's Garden House today, and adds some more information. (sub. req'd)
--Vannah briefs Collins on how the Advocate broke the story of possible liquor license violations by the owners of the Look Park Garden House. [mp3 here]
--Flute Music from all over Europe. Sunday, February 17 4:00 p.m. Sweeney Concert Hall, Sage Hall. Free. (Smith College)
I'm 31..happily married with 3 kids..just moved to Northampton Ma from Florida! Looking to meet some new people!! (Hot or Not)
--Missed Connection at the Yellow Sofa Cafe; "You're not usually my type but I'm feeling adventurous." (Craigslist)
--Smith College to subsidize housing project (The Republican)
--Northampton's health agent to resign (The Republican)
--Smith Grad/Cosmogirl Wonders: Is "Playing the Field" Immoral? (Gawker)
--Smith Grad Loves Smokin The Bong (HeyLetsRage.com)

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