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January 18, 2008

Sunday Evening On CRH: Mayor Higgins And Bill Dwight

This Sunday evening the 20th, on the Community Radio Hour at WXOJ LP 103.3fm from 8 to 9pm, Mary Serreze and I will host Bill Dwight and Mayor Higgins as guests, live on air. It will be a round table discussion of many issues, be they financial, humanitarian, narrowly focused, etc... We are soliciting any questions you might like to ask either one of them, so if you have a question for either the Mayor or Bill, please leave them in the comments, or send them via email.

For instance, some topics I personally hope to cover will be the much bandied about Meals Tax. A concern some in town express about panhandling is another issue I would like to address. The financial state of our budget. So many issues, so little time.

As well, you can tune in at 103.3fm, 8pm this Sunday evening, and call in on the studio line, 585.1033.

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