"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

January 25, 2008


Al, not Jon as I previously noted in error, twice! has given his first interview exclusively to Northamptonist, since being identified as the face of a dozen stickers in a "street art" project done by either, a) a new Hampshire Student with a flashy new Mac Book, or b) an old time big time local musician from the (almost Seattle, almost Austin) Northampton music scene after having one two many Pabst Blue Ribbons in the kitchen of the ramshackle apartment he shares with other similar characters who no doubt expressed wicked appreciation of the project after the idea was broached. (I've got my money on the Hampshire student)

Al was sitting on a bench on Main St. Wednesday morning. We conducted the interview there.

Al: Do you have a quarter? I'm trying to get a coffee.
Northamptonist: Of course I do. Here, have them all. How much is the coffee you want?
Al: $1.00

Northamptonist: Have you seen all the stickers in town with your face on them?
Al: Yah, I don't know who did it.
Northamptonist: You don't know?
Al: No.
Northamptonist: Did they ask you if they could use your image?
Al: No. I never seen the people.

Northamptonist: What do you think of the stickers?
Al: Don't bother me. (getting animated) I heard they were callin' me Tumor Man. I should sue them. They were talkin' about it, and callin' me Tumor Man.
Northamptonist: You heard who was callin' you Tumor Man?
Al: The radio. The radio they were saying stuff about me.
Northamptonist: You heard them say that, or someone told you?
Al: Someone told me they were callin' me Tumor Man on the radio. That's not right. I should sue them. I could sue them you know.
Northamptonist: What radio station did you hear that of?
Al: That one over there, behind there. (ed.: points to the general direction of WHMP) I could sue them. I should, right?
Northamptonist: At WHMP?
Al: Yah.

Northamptonist: Do you wanna talk about this on camera? Tell me everything again?
Al: No. Do you have cigarette?
Northamptonist: Yah, here, have two. Al, you should go to WHMP and tell them what you think about this.
Al: Nah, I don't care.
Northamptonist: Ok. Al, see ya buddy. Thanks for chattin' with me. Be good.

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