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January 22, 2008

Crack Is Wack.

A woman was pushed out of a second floor window while a guest at an apartment building on Pleasant St. The Gazette and the Republican both published stories on it. Interestingly, The Republican headlined their piece, 'Northampton woman suffers eye injury', while the Gazette chose, 'Northampton woman in hospital after being pushed out of second-floor window'.

Reading the accounts in the press of this disturbing account of events on Pleasant St., and being appalled that someone actually pushed someone out of a second floor window for god knows what reason, we looked around the building while passing by last night. Curious to see what window the woman was pushed from, what fence she fell on. It appears the fence in the photos above is the fence the woman fell on, suffering "a severe laceration to her right eye when she landed on a chain-link fence."

Obviously, the story was ghastly. Who pushes someone out of a second floor window? Someone smoking crack, that's who. The police found crack cocaine in the apartment, and it seems a safe bet to say that this guy was in a cocaine-induced psychosis. The NYTimes reported on this growing phenomenon in 1987, while that city was in the throes of a crack epidemic. From what I understand from second hand accounts, people who use crack frequently suffer a cocaine psychosis, which manifests itself in many ways. You might become paranoid, which could facilitate the belief that spies are following you. You might become very distrustful and violent towards those around you, convinced those near you are trying to do you harm. Though I can't say I've ever sat around smoking crack playing make believe spy games with the United Nations, so I can't offer any first hand experience. Crack is wack.

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