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January 13, 2008

Ass't. D.A. To Bob Reckman: "There Is No Evidence That You Acted As An Intermediary"

Tonight at 8.30pm on the Community Radio Hour, WXOJ LP, Mary Serezze and I will host Daryl Lafleur to discuss the recent finding from Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Pepyne regarding a complaint brought forth to her office (signed by me, among 8 others) requesting clarification on whether or not any violations to the Open Meeting Laws were made either during or after 'The Email'. The D.A.'s letter to City Councilor Bob Reckman, author of said email (while not yet having been sworn in as City Councilor), clearing him of any wrong doing, is follows.

January 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Reckman,

The Northwestern District Attorney's Office has received your January 4, 2008 letter responding to an Open Meeting Law inquiry. After review, this Office finds that, on December 7, 2007, while you were a private citizen and had not yet been sworn in as a member of the City council, your communication with other members via e-mail did not result in deliberation amongst Council members. There is no evidence that you acted as an intermediary for communication amongst members outside of properly posted meetings.

After you are sworn into the City Council, however, e-mail communications amongst a quorum of members of the Council, even if conducted in serial fashion, will constitute a violation of the Open Meeting Law and subject the Council to enforcement proceedings.

Sincerely yours,
Cynthia M. Pepyne
Assistant District Attorney

Northampton City Council
With no intention to be presumptuous here, I should note that I have some opinions about this whole affair, but I may or may not write them out here. I will however def speak about it on air tonight on the radio, so if you were at all interested in hearing Mary, Daryl, I and the listeners flesh this out a bit more, you could tune in tonight at 103.3fm from 8 to 9pm to listen in. The studio line is 413.585.1033.

You can listen to City Councilors David Narkewicz and Bob Reckman expound on their role in this brouhaha here at the Bill Dwight Show online, when Bill had them on as guests, separately on Dec. 20th and Dec. 21st.

And for those who missed the list of signatures on the afformentioned letter to the D.A., there is another story there, one I would imagine will get some press in the local news when they get a hold of all this. Bob Reckman's colleague, City Councilor Ray LaBarge, a notoriously outspoken and unwavering ward rep., also signed the letter to the D.A.

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