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December 14, 2007

Wow. That Was A Lot Of Snow. Thank You For Shoveling

The Neighbors Project, a great organization started last year and one that is growing very quickly, has created a new, simple little project called, Thank you for Shoveling. Very simply, they are cards you can order for free from the website, which have a note on them thanking your neighbors for shoveling, which you can hand out and leave on your neighbors doorstep. From the website, they explain the reasoning behind this project.

...you value a shoveled sidewalk. When you're trying to get somewhere during the winter -- work, bar, grocery store, gym, etc -- there's nothing more frustrating than being delayed because you're wading through inches of snow, or slipping and falling on the ice. It's a recipe for resentment on your block.

So help spread the word about how much you love a snow- and ice-free sidewalk by requesting our unique "Thank you for Shoveling" postcard-size cards, and slipping them into the mailbox of neighbors who shovel on your block. Can't access their mailbox? Then slip it under their door or use a ribbon or rubber band to hang it on their fence or banister.

You're the king of the shovel, so who knows, maybe you'll find one in your mailbox too...
Again, the cards are free, and you can order them here.

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