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December 16, 2007

[Updated With Audio] Tree Stewards Of Northampton Voice Their Concerns About Pulaski Park.

The show must go on, no matter the weather.

Tonight at 8pm, 103.3fm WXOJ, the Community Radio Hour will feature recorded audio from the recent BPW meeting that took place on 12.13.07., with Pulaski Park on the agenda. Bob Reckman, chair of the BPW gave a substansial update on the design process thus far, including a tentative decision to remove quite a number of mature trees. The Tree Stewards of Northampton, a citizen tree advocacy group, attended the meeting to voice their concerns, as did other individuals. The Tree Stewards of Northampton proposed to the BPW three main issues:

-A request to extend the design process for Pulaski Park.
-A request that the City solicit a wider variety of design proposals.
-A full assessment of each tree for health, and ecological contributions to the urban forest.

With Mary Serezze's trusty Zoom H2 audio recorder in hand, I was there to record the discussion by the Board, and the comments from the public. Listen in tonight on the Community Radio Hour, 8pm. 103.3fm WXOJ Northampton. Studio line is 585.1033.

UPDATE:: An mp3 file (63 MB) from the BPW meeting, of the recorded audio during the discussion on Pulaski Park. Edited very slightly, with just a few sentences not pertinent being clipped. Actually, that file does not work, You can listen to a stream below. (thx David!)

--Read more on Pulaski Park here.

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