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December 08, 2007

Highights From Elsewhere...'Taking Back The Streets' In Springfield

Greg Saulmon over at the Local Buzz blog has been reporting informative, firsthand original material relating to a decision made recently by the City of Springfield -in response to neighborhood agitation in the Bellevue Ave. and Marengo Park area- to reroute traffic flow through their streets in the hopes of stemming anti-social and criminal behavior by people visiting for illicit or even not so illicit purposes. Greg has been filing report after report, interviewing neighbors, posting photos, maps, and offering context and depth to the story that just does not exist with the reports you read in the local media. His efforts are an extraordinary example of civic journalism. The interview with Michael (in both parts), a resident who lives on the affected streets, is highly recommended reading. (photo of s'field from improbcat's flickr)

Taking Back The Streets
Taking Back The Streets, Part 2
Taking Back The Streets, Additional Context
Taking Back The Streets, Part 4: Additional Additional Context
Taking Back the Streets, Part 5a: Michael Hall
Taking Back the Streets, Part 5b: Race And Class In Springfield

::In full disclosure, I feel that I should note that Greg, as editor of the Local Buzz magazine, is now my boss of sorts, as he has recently hired me to do a monthly column for the magazine.
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