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December 11, 2007

Discussing The Expansion Of Northampton's Landfill.

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The Community Radio Hour, hosted by Mary Serreze and I, is on air every Sunday evening at 8-9pm on WXOJ 103.3fm in Northampton MA. This past Sunday, we discussed the controversial expansion of the Northampton Landfill with members of the group, Citizens United for a Healthy Future.

"Is the Contaminant Transport Model that the City of Northampton used to gain its Zone II aquifer waiver from the DEP flawed? Will the Easthampton City Council prevail in its efforts to have the waiver overturned? What are the conditions of the DEP waiver? What's in it for the City of Northampton? Do landfill liners ever fail? Does the current landfill contribute to well contamination currently? How will the Northampton City Council vote on this issue? What can people do if they feel strongly about this issue?"

You can listen to audio of the full one hour show, here at the Community Radio Hour blog. You can read about the concerns raised by Citizens United on the expansion of the landfill here.

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