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December 26, 2007

The Brick of Gold. Props To S.S.A.S.?

This photo was taken on 11.28. on the wall of Sweeties that faces Pleasant St., and having no recollection of seeing the work lately, I imagine it probably has been cleaned off. Nope, still there. Is this an elaboration on the work that S.S.A.S., another group of artists in town who use the streetscape as their canvas or backdrop, did over the summer? Maybe whomever did The Brick of Gold wasn't even aware of the work S.S.A.S. did this summer, I've got gold in my grill. Did the Secret Art Ninjas of Super Secret Art do The Brick of Gold? Whomever did it, it made me smile, so thanks. As Paris would say, that's hott.

UPDATED:: Just googled "the brick of gold" and found this reference from Dear Streetsy, an off-shoot of Streetsy, a website that chronicles street art in NYC. The same artists perhaps?

Below are three photos of the aforementioned project in town this summer by S.S.A.S., who are not affiliated with The Brick of Gold nor Secret Art Ninjas. Talk about confusing, so many secret artists!

From S.S.A.S.'s Flickr page on the project,

Downtown Northampton's teeth are falling out, and the dentist has replaced them with customized, and long lasting, gold teeth...S.S.A.S. picked one up occasionally when they were cast aside. We got lucky one night when six of them found their way to the underside of a business's a-frame advert board. We collected 12 total over time. We painted the bricks we found gold, and then we returned them.
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