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December 18, 2007

BreakingBroke: Amherst Cinema Center To Operate Pleasant St. Theater

[UPDATE:: From the Gaz online this evening, not yet in print, Amherst Cinema group to show films in Northampton. From the Republican's Breaking News, online this evening as well, Takeover plan upsets 'Hamp theater owner. Kala Rama and WWLP 22 News report on the story too, do better job then before.]

Just took a call on the red phone. A credible source with knowledge of the situation has confirmed what was reported here late last week; the Amherst Cinema Center will become the new stewards of the Pleasant St. Theater. It was described as being a "fait accompli." As well, Bruce and Rita Bleiman, and Silas and Linda Kopf, who sent an email around earlier this month, imploring area people to help raise funds for a purchase of the PST have just circulated another,

We have asked the Amherst Cinema to undertake operation of the theater and they are willing – provided the financial support is there...(Ed.: $45,000 towards the $100,000 needed has been pledged.) Amherst Cinema wants to be able to provide the same experience as patrons have in Amherst. To accomplish this would mean new seats, online ticketing, and other amenities, while preserving the character of the original theater. They have assured us that Pleasant Street would be treated as an equal partner, and they would need people from our side of the river on the organization's board of directors...If, for any reason Amherst Cinema does not reopen the theater, your money will be returned. Those who are interested but have not yet pledged should do the same, but also send an email to silas@silaskopf.com noting the amount so we can keep a tally. The address is: Amherst Cinema Arts Center, 28 Amity St., Amherst, MA 01002.
More information as it becomes available.

UPDATE::12.19 Kelsey Flynn has a podcast up with Silas Kopf, one of the four residents of town who attached their name to the fundraising email that has generated up to $60,000 at this point, of the $100,000 Amherst Cinema Center Executive Director Carol M. Johnson has noted "their board needs to see from the greater Northampton community" before they will step in.

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