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December 09, 2007

Around Town This Week....

--One area of town. Nine fires this year. "I don't want to say we have a serial arsonist, but we are concerned because of the geographical location." - Assistant Fire Chief Duane A. Nichols.
--Mary Serreze has audio files from a round table discussion with Chris Teskey, the programming director at WPKN (89.5 FM Bridgeport, CT), who was at the Media Education Foundation to talk about "the challenges and joys of community-based radio."
--Ed Shanahan covers the boom and bust of a shotgun wedding officiated by Florence Savings Bank, between real estate in Florence, and investors from the eastern part of the state.
--The Local Buzz magazine publish a story on Housing First, a hotly debated solution to homelessness that offers housing first, and help and assistance later. The editor of the Local Buzz, Greg Saulmon, was with me that day in the woods here in town when I ran into Michael.
--You can view video of Smith College tearing down a neighborhood to make way for the new Science Center --over at Northampton Redoubt.
--The Bill Dwight Show, on every weekday on WHMP 1400 at 9am, is a must listen to for me. Sadly, when I miss his show, I can not catch up online, as Bill has trouble getting the mp3 files of his shows up on WHMP's site. Tell Bill you want those files online!
--Of Icemen and Presidents: Photos of Northampton at the Dawn of the 20th Century
--Both The Republican and the Daily Hampshire Gazette give coverage to a nascent battle brewing between members of the public and students of the public schools over use of the pool at JFK Middle School.
--The Valley Advocate publishes a column by Daryl Lafleur; Higgins' Insurance Policy Draws Fire. It is a story that Daryl has been covering for months, and which many others, including the Mayor, past HR Directors for the City, and employees who have been denied coverage have all spoken to Daryl about, all of which you can catch up on at his blog, Northampton Redoubt.
--Northampton resident Zachary F. Buehner gets arrested in Springfield for a copious amount of graffiti. Urban Compass has the full story.

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