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November 11, 2007

Tonight on Community Radio Hour: Three's Company. Best Practices?

Tonight at 8pm, the Community Radio Hour on Valley Free Radio 103.3fm, Mary Serreze and I and will host newly-elected CPA committee member Fran Volkman, and Councilors David Narkewicz and Michael Bardsley to discuss 'best practices', -what that means, what prompted the proposal, who exactly needs it, and why it might be useful.

As Daryl LaFleur so smartly inquired in a comment at his blog, "As this proposal moves forward we must ask ourselves as a community, who will be included and who will be excluded? Who will this help and who will this harm?"

I've no doubt that if implemented with purpose, and pursued with determination, the proposal and any forthcoming "ordinances, resolutions, orders, or other measures..." could serve to create a whole new engaged, effective, and active populace. With that will come real political power, which will afford opportunity for great changes in civic affairs, radical or otherwise. Will that come to pass?

This isn't WWLP22 News. This is the Community Radio Hour. Tonight at 8pm, 103.3fm. Please tune in and call in. 413.585.1033

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