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November 29, 2007

Northamptonist TV: Pastor Brent Alderman Sterste of Northampton Vineyard

Pastor Brent leads a congregation at Northampton Vineyard, a church that meets every Sunday, 10.30 am in the little theater of the Northampton High School at 380 Elm Street, in addition to monthly church groups held in member homes. The website for the church holds a lot of information, such as the history of the Northampton Vineyard, history of the Vineyard movement, and mp3 files of past sermons. You can also find out about their church zine, their monthly arts & crafts night, and an arts collective that meets monthly.

In addition to the community and social outreach activities the church spearheads that Pastor Brent spoke of in the video, the church helps those in need of food and clothes on an ongoing basis via their Oliver Project. "If you need help with food, clothes or other needs the Oliver Project would love to help. Please contact us at: oliverproject@northamptonvineyard.org or by calling the church office." You can keep up with current happenings by joining the church's email list at vineyard-announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

(with apologies for the poor video quality)

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