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November 25, 2007

From Soho To Noho, Notes From Our Big Brother

A recent article in the NYTimes caught my attention, with the reporter writing about the legal requirements of the judicial system in NY in regards to publishing legal notices. In relation to the talk around Northampton discussing 'best practices' and the opinion from many on much needed improvement in city efforts to disseminate information to the public, this article from the NYTimes is an interesting look on one aspect of this requirement as it pertains to the judicial branch of nyc.

Along with the media gossip and real estate erotica that fill The New York Observer, a dishy weekly newspaper for Manhattan’s political and media clans, there are more than four pages of advertisements in tiny type aimed at a different readership. The family court in Brooklyn, for instance, is looking for Nicole Johnson, "address unknown." If you squint, you will learn that the city has taken out the ad to inform Ms. Johnson that it wants to take her child away from her forever.

Even the lawyer who placed the ad concedes that Ms. Johnson will never see it. No one reads legal notice ads, first of all, and Ms. Johnson, presumably, does not read The Observer, period.
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