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November 06, 2007

Election Day Updates

It is election day here in Northampton, and Kelsey Flynn, via her blog Paradise City, has been out and about all day long taking photos, grabbing audio files from relevant parties, and otherwise completely saturating her blog with a constant stream of updates with election day material. At the Ward 3 polling place for instance, she ran into Jim Levy, Ward 3 Constable, who explains why we might not get results for the Mayoral race as soon as we usually do. You can catch up on all of Kelsey's postings here. As of the time right now, at 2.38 pm, Kelsey has five posts up already from a variety of polling stations, where she spoke with a variety of people, and has a podcast that goes along with all of her posts. Amazing, and an absolutely exemplary example of the journalism and media one can create and disseminate via the internet and current consumer electronic tools now affordable available to most everyone.

I read recently from a lifelong professional journalist, "now, everyone is an accidental journalists." And Kelsey, although a professional media personality herself, is clearing proving this to be true.

LABELS: local politics, citizen journalism