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November 20, 2007

Developing The Old Honda Dealership; Is the King Street Zoning at Fault?

Mike Kirby reported that it might be. The Daily Hampshire Gazette strongly declared that it was. Daryl Lafleur had a more nuanced take on the matter, suggesting that commercial NIMBYism might have played a more important role.

As Mary Serreze wrote in her introduction to this piece on her blog,

Many were disappointed when plans for a proposed mixed-use, human-scale development on King Street, in compliance with the new streetscape-friendly zoning, suddenly were withdrawn. Was the new zoning to blame? A threatened lawsuit by the Florence Savings Bank? Pressure from Cooley Dickinson Hospital?
Looking to get to the bottom of all this Mary Serreze and I hosted Mike Kirby and Northampton's Economic Development Coordinator, Teri Anderson, on the Community Radio Hour this past Sunday and attempted to clear the cloud cover. With phone calls from Bill Dwight, Daryl Lafleur, and Joel Spiro on the studio line offering their own commentary and questions, and a lively discussion at the end about 'process', the audio file is segmented into sections featuring each speaker.

++Audio file here.

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