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November 18, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--Mike Kirby, gets to the bottom of the recent power outage afflicting downtown Northampton. His investigation brought him to the house of Kelsey Flynn, whose property the tree sat on.
--Speaking of Kelsey Flynn, who live blogged election day here in Northampton with extraordinary effort and acclaimed result, she is back at it again. This time, the striking students at UMass gets the Kelsey treatment. (I see Sally Fields standing on a table, holding a sign; UNION)
Speaking of the election, here is some audio of Gene Tacy, captured by Mary Serreze during his appearance on the Community Radio Hour, speaking with prescient words about the need for more community involvement in City affairs, and open eyes, ears and arms at City Hall.
--Speaking of Mary Serreze, she attended this past Thursday's City Council meeting on 'best practices' and presents her recorded audio of the speakers and Councilors.
--Speaking of 'best practices', Vannah and Collins poke a little fun at City Hall regarding this initiative. [mp3]
--Speaking of City Hall, Daryl Lafleur reports on a 'man down in Pulaski Park', lying near Memorial Hall and appearing to be bleeding heavily.
--Speaking of bleeding heavily, Mark Roessler at the Valley Advocate lays out his case that Mayor Higgins is doing just that with her political record.
--Speaking of political records, flowers, (ok I couldn't tie it in) HillTown Families went to the Fall Chrysanthemum Show at the Smith Botanical Gardens. The show ends its run today, you can catch it from 10-4.

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