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November 09, 2007

Around Town This Week...

Missed last weeks segment of "Around Town..." but for those who enjoy the links, I'm back on schedule with a new round.

--Jeff Hobbs represented the "bloggerati" at the grand re-opening of Big Y.
--Hilltown Families reports on tiny little snow flakes appearing up in the hills, though it looks like Northampton will have a few more days snow free.
--Fred Contrada offers his take on the Sustainable Northampton meeting held last night four over four hours at Bridge St. School.
--From documents provided to complement a section of that draft, the North St. Neighborhood Association has photos up which show various levels of housing density in different neighborhoods and streets of Northampton.
--Tony over at In The Valley has been busy visiting our local area outdoors, biking the beautiful new rail trail in Montague; which will someday be connected to the rail trail here in town, and also made a hike up Mt. Tom, stopping to visit what is left of the other summit house on the mountain that I never knew existed. Many great photos and video included in both posts.
--The Enviro Show is holding an on-air fund drive for VFR, which is in real need of monies. Please help keep Northampton's community radio station on the air by donating now.
--Photographic documentation that people enjoy reading Local Buzz while taking a poop.
--The Community Radio Hour blog has audio from the "election night circus" that was City Hall on Tuesday evening, including some fantastic audio captured when a host of information gatherers (having evolved from hunter gatherers) crowded around Gene Tacy to get his comments moments after he conceded defeat. Relatedly, in today's Daily Hampshire Gazette, their local beat reporter Dan Crowley filed a report on the same events at City Hall, calling the evening "a perfect storm of media." (more on this perception soon)
--Fight! Vannah and Collins discuss a brewing brouhaha between themselves and Bill Dwight over hurt feelings developed during campaign coverage. (audio here) But...the absolutely best part of that audio clip is hidden in the last 1/5th of the segment. Please listen to the end, and hear the audio that Monty from Vannah and Collins put together, creating a mock debate between Roy Martin and Clare Higgins.
--Also, the WWLP22 News Team is clearly smoking crack themselves.

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