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October 02, 2007

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders' Emotional Speech In Support Of Gay Marriage.

"I intended to veto the council resolution...The arrival of the resolution to sign or veto in my office late last night, forced me to reflect and search my soul for the right thing to do...to do what I think is right, and to take a stand on equality and social justice...As I reflected on the choices I had before me last night, I just could not bring myself to tell an entire group of people in our community they were less important, less worthy, or less deserving...simply because of there sexual orientation. "
via Stay Free! (source)

UPDATE: Call the Mayor's Office in San Diego and offer your support and encouragement to Mayor Jerry Sanders for reversing his stated decision to veto this resolution, opting instead to make a brave and compassionate decision to do what is fair, equitable and just, in the face of political fallout that might end his hopes of re-election. Anyone, especially elected officials, who choose to act with integrity and compassion, hoping to treat everyone with equal rights, in spite of the damage it might cause to their career and finances, deserves our support. Jerry Sanders made a decision, whether you agree with it or not, that should be held as a standard for elected officials everywhere. The value in that is immeasurable.

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