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October 23, 2007

Rain Barrels And Compost Bins Now Available For Purchase From DPW

The DPW is once again offering rain barrels and composting bins for sale at prices that are well below market rate, $50 for the rain barrels, and $35 for composting bins. After a quick check online, that appears to be about half of what you could expect to pay elsewhere. You must get your order in by October 29. You can access the order forms online, with the link for the rain barrel order form here, and the order form for the composting bins here. Alternately, you could call the City's Solid Waste Coordinator, Karen Bouquillon, at 413-587-1059 with any questions you might have. If I recall correctly, this is a popular service, and the products sell out every year.

The forms online note that you must fill out that form, and send a check along to the DPW, but I imagine that for anyone who can not access or print out those forms, you could simply send a check, with a note about what it is for, to the DPW.

The form requests that you please make the check payable to "John Miller" and mail to, either 'Rainbarrel Order' or 'Compost Bin Order DPW', 125 Locust Street, Northampton MA 01060. Questions? Call Karen Bouquillon at 413-587-1059

More info below:
Specs on the composting bins
Large 80-gallon capacity (big enough for a family of five)
Easy snap together assembly
Convenient harvest door
Reduces garbage disposal costs and reduces gardening water bills
10-year warranty
Made of recycled materials
Fits in any vehicle
Over 2.5 million sold
Composting instructions included

Specs on the rainbarrels
55-gallon recycled plastic rainbarrel
Removable intake screen to keep debris and mosquitoes out
Overflow directs water away from building foundation
Connects to drip irrigation, soaker and garden hoses
Solid colors (terra cotta or black) inhibit algae growth
Easy to set up and use- screw off top for easy cleaning
Saves rainwater and reduces water/sewer bills
Reduces stormwater runoff and associated problems

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