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October 22, 2007

New Recycling Bins Now On Main St.

Those who have been reading here might recall the initial post written 6 weeks ago regarding the state of the recycling barrels on Main St., and the dysfunctional role they were playing in their stated purpose as recycling containers. Some follow up work was done on that, and than more follow up work, which mostly consisted of me sending emails, calling people, and diciminating the information. Along the way, exasperating some city officials.

The intended result can now be seen. There are currently three new recycling bins on Main St., that have recently replaced the three there previously which were no longer working properly. One each in front of Thornes, City Hall, and Sam's Pizza. Karen Boquillon, the City's Solid Waste Coordinator, had previously informed me of a grant she is writing for monies to purchase 60 more of these bins, which if approved, will be used to locate many more of these bins in other locations in town, including on Main St. Approval or denial of the grant is hoped to be known by next week. The three bins now on Main St. came from the Parks Department, who received the first batch of 60 bins the City had previously purchased with a grant, for use in parks and recreational areas. Karen requested the Parks Department place three of the new ones in their possession on Main St., and they have.

The new bins have offered a working solution to the problems identified here earlier, and as the photos included here show, are getting good use, and are working properly by only collecting recyclable material. Additionally, they are being regularly emptied by the Pedal People and the contents are being disposed of properly as recycling. Thanks to Karen and Rich for following up with an actionable solution, and to the local students who originally proposed this initiative three years ago.

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