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October 09, 2007

Gene Tacy's Mayoral Campaign In Northampton Sends Curious To Northamptonist

The above title is google juiced, meant to facilitate sending a torrent of world wide internet traffic to Northamptonist. As the screen grab to the right shows, though recently the searches have slowed down just a bit, my site meter stats continue to show a large number of visitors having arrived at my site after doing a google search for some combination of Gene Tacy, Northampton, Mayor, etc...All day long, dozens and dozens of people from all over Northampton, Western MA, New Jersey (?) and elsewhere are doing internet searches for the above words. Northamptonist shows up usually in the number two spot. And all because of this one post where I linked to an mp3 file of a show Vannah and Collins did when they discussed Gene Tacy's write-in candidacy.

In that vein, let me take a moment to add some more freshly squeezed google fruit into that glass of juice. Gene Tacy now has a website up for his candidacy, genetacyformayor.org. At the site -in addition to a nice black and white photo of a smiling Gene Tacy- there is a list of dates noting when he will be at debates, on the radio, or at meet and greets. One date not on the site however, is his recently agreed to appearance on the Community Radio Show on Valley Free Radio this Sunday evening at 8pm, with Mary Serreze and I. I've known Gene for a number of years on a friendly basis, and called him up the other night after Mary and I discussed guests we should have on the radio show, and asked him if he would like to come on air and have discussion about his candidacy, issues of concern, and other such things. You can listen at 103.3fm, 8pm, Sunday the 14th. The studio line number is 585.1033. Tune in, and call in.

UPDATE:: The audio file of the interview is online. You can listen to it here. Additionally, courtesy of the same blog, there is an audio file of the recent mayoral debate, which has been edited down to just the questions and answers, here. I should note that for unknown reasons, the audio of that debate does not include questions and answers from a third candidate, Roy Martin.

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