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October 31, 2007

Community Notes, Photos, Maps, and Toxic Chemical Releases

Clearing out my email inbox, which acts a a dumping ground for all the sites I find while online that I mean to look at and explore further, but actually never really get around to doing that. So I went thru them and left some below that are relevant to the community of Northampton.

--Yahoo Map Mixer, a new tool from Yahoo still in Beta. It is a new map making tool that allows you to upload any map to the site and superimpose it over a street map. I uploaded a map of all the private ways in Northampton provided by the DPW, and superimposed it on a street map of Northampton, for a post I have been meaning to put up about the plowing of private streets by the DPW.
--Northampton has a relatively new Community Arts Calendar. Chock full of exhibits and performance you may or may not want to go see. This exhibit, running at the Hosmer Gallery in Forbes for instance, seems like one you should definitely go see.
--I stumbled upon this beautiful photo set of Northampton, by Flickr user trailerfullofpix
--And here are some more photos @ Flickr from Hilltown Families.
--Subscribe to EnviroFlash, and email alert service provided by the EPA which notifies you of air and UV quality in your area.
--The Pollution Information Site. An incredible site that uses federal data to show who is creating pollution in your community, and with what toxins. With their tool, the pollution locator search engine, you can search via zipcode for instance, and this list of the top polluters in the area come up. The data, however intriguing, is lacking because it does not include state data, which is more current. (and inclusive?)The site offers all manner of information, and poking around is very informative. You can search by releases of certain chemical compound in your community, and find that Smith College is the second leading source for sulfur dioxide emissions in our area, releasing 172 tons of it according to the latest federal data. Oddly, that contribution seems to be missing from the page on Smith's website listing all their contributions to the City of Northampton.

Ok, that's a few motley links for your browsing pleasure. Another 200+ emails to look at and I will do this again soon.

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