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October 27, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--MassLive has a great video up from a recent visit to Szawlowski Potato Farm in Hatfield.
--20 smart questions pondered by Daryl Lafleur.
--Hilltown Families want to know, Is Western MA Home To The Rag Shag Parade?
--Gazette reporter Alexandra Dawson laments the new wetlands ordinance in Northampton.
--Mary Serreze sits down with Jack Hornor, chair of Northampton's Community Preservation Committee, on the Community Radio Hour at VFR.
--How Not To Save Old Main. Mark Roessler recounts his experience with Save Old Main, which includes a great virtual tour of Old Main. Listen to an mp3 of Mark discussing this article on the Vannah and Collins show, here.
--The Gazette reports on the Pulaski Park redesign project. [subscription reg'd] Though you should be able to access the cache in Google within the next 48 hours, by looking here. I wonder, did this post reverberate?
--According to the minutes of the BPW meeting on 10.10.07, Fred Contrada, (Fred Contrada, local news reporter for the Springfield Republican?) "asked the Board if he could sell a book he had written under the City's fine art permit." That is the permit recently created by the City of Northampton so that you may sell your 'fine art' on the city's sidewalks downtown. I wonder what kind of book Fred has written?
--Ed Shanahan at Downstreet.net reports on the recent candidates forum in Leeds, "It was painful and finally frustrating and, in the end, we had to flee the other night’s Leeds School candidates’ forum before it adjourned."
--Mayor Higgins visits the Vannah and Collins show and talks about the city's sustainability plan, and public participation in civic affairs. [mp3]

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