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October 20, 2007

Around Town This Week...

It's the politics, stupid.

--Northamptonist spys former Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley eating lunch in Northampton on Saturday afternoon.
--Kelsey Flynn's blog, Paradise City, has turned into podcast central this election season, and she has quite a few up with a variety of candidates. One of her latest is with At-Large Councilor Michael Bardsley, who speaks of the need for more effective community outreach on the part of City Hall to engage the public. [mp3 here]
--Gene Tacy, write-in candidate for Mayor, visits the Community Radio Hour at VFR and speaks with host Mary Serreze and yours truly about his campaign. Solar power, harnessing hydro-electric power on the city dams, King St., outreach from City Hall, and how Carolyn Misch, Senior Land Use Planner for the City of Northampton, offered him a seat on the planning board after Gene requested email and instant messaging communications from members of the board who used such communication during meetings.
--Dan Crowley at the Daily Hampshire Gazette writes an informative article on Gene Tacy's campaign, and also reports on three great ideas Roy Martin, another Mayoral candidate, spoke about at the Mayoral debate that took place last week.
--The latest plans for the Hilton Hotel project are online, as are the latest designs for the Pulaski Park redesign.
--Pictures from the Northampton High School Booster Parade from Tony @ In The Valley.
Vannah and Collins radio show on WHMP -and specifically the mp3 files they post online of such- are becoming a must have resource for me on local affairs. Just this past week, they "break down a recent Northampton City Council dust-up involving Ward Two Councilor David Narkewicz and Council President Michael Bardsley" regarding a recent request to the City Council from group of citizens to spur a "best practices' ordinance in the City of Northampton. [mp3 here]
-The day before, they spoke about "what may be the real motivation behind Northampton City Council President Michael Bardsley's efforts to pass new regulations to open up the city's planning process to greater public scrutiny." Speaking briefly on the segment about the Hilton Hotel planning process, they called it a "fait accompli," "a sham." [mp3 here]
-And...! a week before that, they "ask some [probing] questions about the establishment of a commission to oversee a planned upgrade of the Three County Fairgrounds." [mp3 here] (Vannah and Collins mp3 files by the way, remain on the site for about 30 days, so download them to your computer if you want to keep a copy.) See all the mp3 files from all their show segments here.

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