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October 13, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--The Ward Three Neighborhood Association will be having it's annual meeting tomorrow afternoon, Sunday the 14th at 2pm in the new senior center on Conz St. Included in the meeting will be a discussion on what the group knows about the state's plans for Exit 19, which is facing community opposition.
--Eugene Tacy, mayoral write-in candidate, will be a guest on the Community Radio Show hosted by Valley Free Radio, 103.3fm on the radio dial, this Sunday the 14th, at 8pm.
--According to the Springfield Republican, the Pleasant St. Theater is scheduled to close. On Sept. 27, the hosts of the Vannah and Collins show on WHMP discussed theater owner Bob Lawton's complaints on a lack of effective support by the local press for the arts and local independent film theaters in the the community. [mp3 here]
--Greg Saulmon at the Local Buzz revisits the closing of Sparky's, and adds some of his own thoughtful commentary.
--The Young @ Heart Chorus hit NYC , and recieve some great reviews.
Over at Downstreet.net, Mike Kirby discusses the redevelopment of the former Northampton Honda lot, and reports that the planned redevelopment has been shelved.
--Daryl LaFleur offers his commentary on the Downtown BID Group, and raises some important question.
--Alan Scheinman leaves his own comments at the post Kelsey Flynn put up about her experience with the Alan Scheinman dog urination brouhaha on Pleasant St. The commenter, who claims to be Alan, adds some new, interesting information, which contradicts what the Board of Health has previously stated publicly.

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