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October 05, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--Northampton DPW urges residents to conserve water amid drought
--Hilltown Families notes dozens of great, local events to participate in this holiday week-end.
--Daryl LaFleur methodically revisits the Educational Use Overlay Zoning District ratified in 2006 on behalf of Smith College
--City Council Enacts New Wetlands Ordinance, Including 10-Foot Buffers
--Kelsey Flynn has her latest podcast up, and it is with Northampton's new Energy Officer, Chris Mason. The last question she poses to Chris came from yours truly. I have a more involved question to ask Chris along the same lines, and hope to get a response from him via email soon.
--Ed Shanahan is back from his cross-country trip with his wife, and back at it again at Downstreet.net
--Vannah and Collins had Ward 4 City Councilor David Narkewicz on recently to talk about traffic calming and whether city councilors serving on board and commissions is a conflict of interest. [mp3]
--The newly proposed Downtown Business Improvement District now has a website.
--MassLive introduces another great blog, this time one from the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council. That is a blog that might prove to be one to keep a close eye on.

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