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September 08, 2007

Working On The Recycling Issue Downtown

Some developments on the recycling issue on Main St.

--A source tells me that the City of Northampton is not in talks with the Pedal People to work out an agreement with them to dump the barrels. This contradicts what the Parking Director and the City's Solid Waste Coordinator have told me. My source has facts that are credible and reliable, and I do not question them. So taking this as true, what does it mean? Does "working with the Pedal People to come to an agreement" really just mean "I am meaning to call them about it"? I don't know. It's confusing because I strongly believe that I was not lied to by anyone. It must be an issue of miscommunication and/or misinterpretation.

--I sent an email to Karen Bouqiollon, the Solid Waste Coordinator, asking her for clarification on why the city chose MassCor as the supplier of 60 new recycling bins. She was leaving for the weekend when she received it, and noted that she would respond on Monday.

--And lastly, I just sent an email to the Mayor, Council President Bardsley, and Ward 4 councilor David Narkewicz, with a link directing them to the original post on this topic. I am hoping that they might have thoughts and concerns to share here. Specifically, I would imagine that they could help rectify the situation immediately in a way that honors the original intent of the recycling initiative. I am aware that the Solid Waste Coordinator intends to get the new recycling barrels in the city's possesion placed on Main St., and a new recycling effort underway. In the interim however, I feel it is important to take action regarding the ones there now, to make sure that only recyclables go into the barrels that are there, and that they are not dumped in the landfill if and when emptied. People who know what the barrels intended purpose are, are placing recyclable material in them with understanding that the contents are being recycled. And that is not currently happening.
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