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September 10, 2007

RE: Pulaski Park Redesign And The Concept Of Public Space

'Building Community, Creating Places, Using Common Sense'
Selected information and resources from the Project For Public Spaces

"We start by truly understanding how people will use a place and what activities will draw them there. Design cannot be the starting point for creating a great place."
-Project For Public Spaces

"Parks have been a core focus of PPS beginning with our work with William H. (Holly) Whyte and our signature early projects like the Bryant Park concept plan. Over the years we have helped many cities create such great public destinations. Today, as more people come to recognize the galvanizing power of parks, we are working with communities to transform more underperforming spaces into great parks than ever before."

PPS Projects: Parks and Plazas
'Parks succeed when people come first'

How PPS Can Help Your Park

Understanding Park Use

Community Involvement

Who Is "The Community"?

Engaging the community

Design & Planning

Furnishing Your Public Space

New Visions for Parks

Social Benefits

What Is Placemaking?

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