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September 20, 2007

Pulaski Park Has A YouTube Page.

This is great. Tonight, via the Pulaski Park Google Group, I find that Pulaski Park has a YouTube page, and someone has uploaded a video asking people what they like about the park. The page has only that one video now, but I hope whoever created that video and YouTube page will continue to upload some more similar videos. Pulaski Park now has YouTube, A Google Group, and a MySpace page.

Now this is communication, though this type of online distribution of information should be complementing and not supplementing community outreach of the same type on the ground. Discussion by city officials about this plan for Pulaski really needs to be happening in neighborhoods on the street also. Community outreach neighborhood by neighborhood, between residents and officials. Online discussions of this sort, while very welcome, are by definition restricted to a specific audience.

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