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September 28, 2007

Lt. Governor Tim Murray Visiting Northampton Today

This just in from the Mayor's Office:

All who are interested should attend to share important information with the Lt. Governor and his staff about how the state can support local communities. The hearing will be in the City Council Chambers at 1:00 today, Friday the 28th.

Lt. Governor Tim Murray will be in Northampton today with his Municipal Affairs Cabinet members to exchange information with local politicians and City Department Heads.

Governor Patrick issued an Executive Order that established a Municipal Affairs Coordinating Cabinet, which coordinates the ways in which state government can provide additional services and assistance to cities and towns. The cabinet is tasked with coordinating the implementation of municipal impact statements on legislation and executive orders, and providing analysis of home rule legislation to determine if the particular provision should be applied broadly to all cities and towns thereby providing permanent local authority.

The cabinet will include the state purchasing agent, the chief information officer, the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance, the executive director of the group insurance commission, the personnel administrator, the chairman of the civil service commission, and any other person whom the Secretary of Administration and Finance may designate.

The cabinet works to implement and analyze recommendations from the Local Government Advisory Commission, which Lieutenant Governor Murray oversees on behalf of the Patrick administration.

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