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September 26, 2007

Future Northampton Resident Looks For Information On Area

"...I will pretty soon have to make a choice about moving there (specifically to Northampton), and I will only be able to visit there for maybe three days before making my decision (I've never been there!) ...any general information about that area would be great! I know nothing!"
The following request for information comes from the MinnesotaLindy.com Forum, apparently a forum for people in Minnesota who like to swing dance. Someone is contemplating following her partner in a move to Northampton, and is looking for information on the area. This request came to my attention via a Google alert for Northampton, MA that I have sent to my email inbox.

I thought it would be really neat if people here helped provide this young lady with information about Northampton, filling her head with all manner of relevant information about our city and region. We swing dance in Northampton too, right? Tell her where she can do that.

Tell her what you wish people told you before you came here. Tell her what you are glad you know now, and secrets about where to eat and shop and bike and swim and dance. This could be one great big social experiment in crowdsourcing. Let's get to it. Leave your comments below, and I am going to send this post to the person on the forum who posted the query, so she can come here and read what I hope will be dozens and dozens of comments about the Northampton area. Kelsey? surely you must have great information for her. What about all you other bloggers out there? Leave those comments!

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